Christians why is astrology accurate?

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Astrology is almost notoriously vague and inaccurate.

More importantly: it is based on the **perceived** spatial relationships of celestial bodies (as perceived from Earth) rather than being based on the **actual** spatial relationships between those bodies, which thing was discovered hundreds of years ago (with the advent of telescope astronomy). That is: we *know for an absolute fact* that it is based on *something that is definitely not true*.

Finally: it's clear that you have not read the Bible. (The Bible does not teach what you claim it teaches about astrology.) Really: if you want to use the Bible as a source – for anything – you really should read it first. I'm not saying that you must believe it, but you really should read it. It's a really important part of our culture – much more important than "Moby Dick" or any of Shakespeare's plays or "The Declaration of Independence" or any other piece of literature that comes to mind.

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